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Camp Lake water quality is influenced by the runoff entering the lake.  Water transparency is slightly better in summers with fewer heavy rains.  The lake association is actively monitoring phosporous levels entering and exiting the lake and working on projects to improve water quality.

Score your Shore - MN DNR

RMB Environmental Laboratories, Inc.

RMB Environmental Laboratories performs the water analysis on samples collected from Camp Lake.  Check out their website to get detail data on total phosphorus, chlorophyll-a, Secchi disk readings, and the Trophic State Index (TSI) for Camp Lake.

                    Water Analysis Chart

2013 TMDL

Total Daily Load - Pollutants..pdf

2009 Individual Site Report (07/10)

2009 Lake Monitoring Report

2008 Individual Site Report (09/09) 

Camp Lake Monitoring Report 2.pdf

2007 Individual Site Report (04/08)

Camp Lake Monitoring Report.pdf

Camp Lake Mgmt Plan 12.31.2007.pdf

MN DNR Camp Lake Map.pdf