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The following is a partial list of projects conducted by or in association with the Camp Lake Association.

  • Lowering of the lake outlet to reduce shoreline erosion.
  • Creation of holding ponds for the main water inlet into the lake.
  • Creation of a small rip rap dam to control water entering the lake.
  • Addition of gates on the outlet to limit the movement of carp.
  • Grant application to fund water quality initiatives.
  • Stocking of walleye and northern pike fingerlings.
  • The Swanson Brothers from Waverly were hired to trap some nuesance beaver.  They trapped five beavers - the largest was 70lbs!

2010:  Lakeside Farm (Young/Silk) has planted 16 acres of native grass and wildflowers on the farm fields on the east side of the lake.  Although these fields are not part of the natural watershed for Camp Lake, the fields are tiled and drain into the lake.  The planting of the grass should reduce the sediments and nutrients running into the lake.