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The Camp Lake Association was formed in 1999.  Membership in the association is open to anyone interested in achieving the vision of having a well maintained, high quality fishery and recreational lake.  Typically, there is a combination picnic and annual meeting at the end of each summer.  Annual membership dues are $35.  Please contact us if you're interested in joining.


  • President - Ryan Bollman
  • Vice President - Paul Johnson
  • Secretary - Amy Bollman
  • Treasurer - Dorine Johnson

Meeting Minutes

2015 Lake Association Meeting Notes

2014 Lake Association Meeting Notes

2012 & 2013 Lake Association Meeting Notes

2011 Lake Association Meeting Notes

2009 Lake Association Meeting Notes

Lake Henry

Many old timers know Camp Lake as Lake Henry.  Do you know why?  Was the name changed to avoid confusion with another lake?  Here are some old maps that may hold some clues.  Email us if you have any answers.

Swimming with the loons on Camp Lake.